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Charles/Carl Anton SCHEUPLEIN  ("Charlie")1876 - 1921

aka Charles A. Scheuplein, C. A. Scheuplein, Charles Scheuplein, C. Scheuplein, Carl Anton Scheuplein, Carl A. Scheuplein, C. A. Scheuplein, C. Scheuplein, Carl Scheuplein
nationality American
occupation recording engineer
birth 7 July 1876, Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey, USA
death 23 March 1921, Wisembach, FRANCE
marriage married on 30 January 1904 at Paris:
Marie Louise DUMOULIN

b. 26 Jan 1881, Ribeauvillé (région Vosges) Bas-Rhin, Alsace, GERMANY (now Haute-Rhin, Alsace, FRANCE) -d. 23 June 1940, Bailleul (Nord), FRANCE

childrenno children


father Anton/Anthony SCHEUPLEIN

b. 19 May 1848, Bischofsheim, GERMANY
d. .... 1906, ?New York, ....) letter

remark migrated to USA in 1870 (with/without Wilhelmina Schmidt)
mother (1) Wilhelmina SCHMIDT

b. 1848/1849, ......
d. between Feb 1882 (William's birth) and [before 25 april 1886] June 1900, .....

marriage Anton SCHEUPLIN (sic) and Wilhelimina (sic) SCHMIDT got married in early 1874 in Manhattan, New York
  • Henriette/Henrietta

    b. 12 Dec. (or Sept) 1874, Hoboken, Hudson, NJ
    d. prob. in 1910) must have married between 4 June 1900 and 10 May 1910)
    (sister in New York & brother-in-law: letter 10/5/1910

  • Charles A.

    b. 7 July 1876, Hoboken, Hudson, NJ
    d. 23 March 1921, Wisembach, FRANCE

  • William John

    b. 13 Jan (not Feb) 1882, New York City, NY
    d. 15 July 1961, Hôpital-Hospice, Houdan, Seine-et-Oise, FRANCE

mother (2) Ern(e)stine TEUSCHER

b. 1863, Königsbach, Baden, Baden Württemberg
d. ..................

marriage got married on 25 APR 1886, Manhattan, New York, NY


No relevant living Scheupleins in 1910 Census since:

- mother Wilhelmina died between Feb 1882 and 1900 (not in Census)
(1) Wilhelm'e SCHMIDT died on 4 Feb 1897 (51y) certificate 3621
(2) Wilh'mina SCHMIDT died on 6 Aug 1898 (48y) certicate 21714
(ANCESTRY: New York City Deaths, 1892-1902)

- Henrietta - if not dead - was no doubt listed under her husband's surname, which is unknown

- Charles went to Europe in 1898

- William went to Europe in late 1903

In June 1900 Charles was still single (1900 CENSUS)
in Dec. 1904 Charles was already married (letter 2/12/1904)
see also letter 2/4/1908: "His wife is feeling very lonesome in Berlin and has become homesick. All her relatives are in Paris ...".

1900 CENSUS (4 June 1900, Manhattan, New York):
Anthony SCHEUPLEIN (52y) (b. May 1848, ......, GERMANY; widower) clerk - hotel
- Henrietta (25y) (b. Sept 1874, NJ)
- Charles (23y) (b. July 1876, NJ) upholsterer
- William (18y) (b. Feb 1882, NY) electrication (sic) = electrician

Charlie Scheuplein left the USA in March 1898.
Joined The Gramophone Company in 1899

Paris Exhibition also described in Gaisberg Diaries (ca. 16 July 1900)
recorder GRAMCO since 1902
n / o / p (matrix numbers unknown since no recording book/ledger)
(F7000/t F7000/u F7000/v)
In 1906 assistant of Fred Gaisberg (in London May - Sept 1906) at Craig-y-Nos (Adelina Patti)
(A Voice in Time, p. 100-101, Scheuplein was now a colleague at City Road.)


Carl Scheuplein - engineer (28y) married
Departed from Antwerp 28 April 1906
Arrived in New York on 8 May 1906
husband Mrs. Scheuplein, Mooken (Hoboken?) Av. 78, Brooklyn, NY
("husband" erased; "Mrs. Scheuplein" could be Charlie's sister)
At the back it says: "Wife" written through "Anna" (?)
Does 1904/1906 indicate he visited the USA twice or was he absent from the USA from 1904-1906?

address in Paris:
103, Boulevard Magenta, Paris (10ième arrondissement)

Madame Louise Scheuplein, Col de St Dié, Wisembach (Vosges) (letter 11/4/1921)


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