Odd and extinct mandolas in Greek music

1a. Yánnis Dávos (mandola), singer Andónis Dalgás (guitar), unknown singer, Dimítrios Sémsis (“Salonikiós”) on violin and Dimítrios Kallínikos (“Arapákis”) on sandouri in a hotelroom during a recording session (ca. 1930).
1b. Detail of 1a.
2a. Unknown mandoline orchestra from Moda (Istanbul) consisting of two guitars, five mandolines, a larger mandoline, two mandolas(?) and a banjo.
2b. Detail of 2a: a mandola?
2c. Detail of 2a: a mandola?
3a. Mandoline orchestra from the Fanari quarter of Constantinople (1912).
3b. Detail of 3a.
4a. “Ta Politákia” led by Spíros Peristéris (Istanbul, April 1931). Front row sitting from left to right: N. Toumbakáris, Spíros Peristéris and A. Voΐlas. Sitting in the middle: M. Potamiános, G. Vidhális and A. Miliáris. Standing at the back: A. Tsalapatánis and S. Makrís.
4b. Detail of 4a: a mandola?
4c. Detail of 4a: a mandola?
5a. Mandolinata from Karlóvasi (Samos), 1910.
5b. Detail of 5a: a mandolocello and an mandola?
5c. Detail of 5a: a mandola?