photo gallery Blumenthals, Istanbul

Sitting from left to right: Julius and Eleonora Blumenthal with Giulio de Chiurco. Standing from left to right: Esther, Marsel and Bernard Blumenthal; Paride de Chiurco.
From left to right: Albert Beressi, unkown, Marsel Blumenthal, unknown in shop in Katırcıoğlu Han. Notice the Orfeon record boxes.
Marsel Blumenthal, Istanbul (1987)
Marsel Blumenthal and Hugo Strötbaum, walking in the streets of Hasköy, Istanbul (1987)
Marsel Blumenthal
Big song-contest on Sunday evening of 15 October 1950 in the Eminönü. Behind the table, from left to right: Safiye Ayla, Albert Beressi, Eleonora Blumenthal, unknown person, Marsel Blumenthal (in the shadow), unknown person, Sadettin Kaynak.
Marsel Blumenthal. Detail of song-contest picture.