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Bentley L. RINEHART  1867 - 1930

aka B. L. Rinehart, Bentley Rinehart, B. Rinehart
birth .. Sept 1867, ............., Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona (AZ) / IOWA(?)
death 2 April 1941, St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona (source: NYT of 3 Apr 1941)
burial Greenwood Cemetery on 5 Apr 1941

b. 3 July 1879, Camden City, Camden, NJ
d. .............

  • ..............?


father Casper Harold RINEHART

b. 26 Sept 1840, Bremen, Fairfield, OHIO
d. 25 Sept 1926, Pomona, Los Angeles, CA (in 1880 Census: widowed)

mother (1) Christine/Christina CULP

b. 7 Apr 1845, ........, Hocking Co., OHIO
d. 15 Jan 1869, Creston, ........., IOWA

marriage 19 Apr 1866 in Creston, IOWA
  • Bentley L.

    b. .. Sept 1867, Creston, ......., IOWA
    d. 2 Apr 1941, St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona

mother (2) Nellie M. (Mars ?) WALLACE

b. <....>, ............., OHIO
d. .......................

marriage got married on 14 Aug 1887 (second/third wife?), Phoenix, Terr., Of, AZ
mother (3) Sarah GILBERT

b. ..............
d. ..................

mother (4) Sarah MEYER

b. .................
d. ..................



See: H. O. Sooy’s Memoirs, part I pp. 6 & 9 (of 10)

1880 CENSUS (Phoenix, Maricopa, ARIZONA):
Casper H. RINEHART (39y; b. Ohio)
Bentley L. RINEHART (12y; b. <1868>, Iowa))

Bentley Rinehart
Location 2: 510 Penn
Business Name: Northrop Mnfg Co
Occupation: machinist
Year: 1888, 1889
City: Camden
State: NJ

1900 Federal Census (4 June 1900, Camden City, Camden, NJ):
Bently (sic) RINEHART (32y; b. Sept 1867, Arizona) boarder & single
Was living in boarding-house run by Bertha Vaughn’s mother, Lizzie VAUGHN with Bertha, William H. and Mary MORGAN

Name: Bentley Rinehart
Location 2: 323 n Front
Occupation: machinist
Year: 1890, 1891
City: Camden
State: NJ

1895 New Jersey State Census:
Bentley RENCHARDT (sic), Camden, NJ

In September of 1898, Mr. Bentley L. Rinehart, who had worked for Mr. Johnson before, was given the job of designing and installing an electroplating plant. This was completed in March of 1899, and turned out to be an excellent investment. This not only avoided the necessity of revealing secrets to outside vendors, but made it possible to develop progressively finer results.

Between 26 Dec 1901 and 15 Jan 1902:
"I spent a few days in the laboratory in Philadelphia. I met the Manager of the Victor Talking Machine Co., Mr. Douglas[s]. Also lunched once or twice with E. R. Johnson. Bentl[e]y Rhinehart happened to be in Phila. and I had some talks with him also."
(from: The Fred Gaisberg Diaries - Part 6 in: The Talking Machine Review No. 62, 1980, p. 1686)

20 Sep 1902 (Saturday):
"Rhinehart [= Rinehart] and I [= Fred Gaisberg] started for Dusseldorf, Germany, arriving there 12 o'clock Saturday night. Sunday morning we spent at the Exposition & at 12 oç noon we met Emil Berliner at the station. The Fred Gaisberg Diaries - Part 7 (in: The Talking Machine Review No. 63-64, Autumn 1981, p. 1765)

1910 Federal Census (16 Apr 1910, Camden, NJ):
Bentley RYMEHART (sic) (43y) machinist / Machine shop
Berth(a) RYMEHART (30y)
= plus mother-in-law Lizzie VAUGHN (50y) = Bertha’s mother

1920 Federal Census (Pottstown, Montgomery, PA, 14 jan 1920):
Bentley L. RINCHARY (sic) (52y) machinist / recording records

See: Arizona Marriage Collection, 1864-1982

Worked (for E. R. Johnson?) at 323 N. Front, Camden, NJ and for Northrop Mnfg Co at 510 Penn, Camden (Camden, New Jersey Directories, 1887-91)
In 1898 Eldridge R. Johnson’s Machine Shop was at 108 North Front Street, Camden. (H. Sooy’s Memoirs vol. I, p. 2)

# 1,071,089 (Soundbox for Talking Machines)
source: website PHONOZOIC. Dedicated to the history of the Phonograph and related Media)

Rinehart's Death Certificate:
Angina pectoris
Moved to Arizona ca. 1921
usual occupation: retired farmer
Informant: Mrs. Berlie (Bertie?) Robart, Rt. 8, Box 165, Phx. Arizona